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ACI products were developed by BCBAs to provide effective behaviorally-based tools. From assessment to designing and implementing interventions these products will help expand a child’s skill set across domains. Products are complete with materials, data collection and instructional guides to provide all the necessary tools you will need.

Pretend Play and Language Assessment and Curriculum

The PPLAC is designed as a criterion-referenced tool to assess play skills and language acquisition of children ages 2-7.

Verbal Behavior Analysis Teaching & Tracking Program

The VBATT (Verbal Behavior Analysis Teaching & Tracking) Program contains the materials needed to implement a VB-MAPP curriculum.


The PlayTubs™ were developed by BCBAs based on play research to increase appropriate independent and sociodramatic play skills in children with autism and other developmental or language delays.

ABLLS®-R Data and Task Organizer

Designed as a curriculum that enables BCBAs, teachers, tutors, and parents to set up lesson plans for children quickly and teach the ABLLS®-R objectives and skills in a fast paced teaching environment.

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