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Providing individualized therapy for children with autism

ABA Therapy

A child isn’t defined by their disability and with our team of expert BCBAs we come together to provide the best possible evidence-based services. ACI Learning Centers utilizes natural environment teaching (NET) to teach a variety of skills across 6 domains; communication, play and leisure skills, social skills, activities of daily living, parent training, and focuses on reducing and replacing problem behavior. Utilizing the extensive research in the field of applied behavior analysis, we employ cutting edge treatment options that maximize success using evidence based and data driven therapy. This approach ensures that a child learns all the skills necessary to be successful throughout their life. From the grocery store, to a school classroom, to a variety of social settings, each child’s therapy is tailored to their individual needs based on empirically supported assessment and treatment procedures. 

Our team of trained experts utilize a child’s natural motivation for the activities and opportunities around them and embed learning opportunities into daily routines. This provides a more natural learning experience for the child and increases the likelihood he or she will perform the skills taught in a variety of settings.

To our children it feels like play and fun with friends, but to us its ABA therapy at its best.

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ABA Therapy Focus Areas


Our primary focus for each child we work with is to establish a functional and effective form of communication. ACI utilizes the principles of applied behavior analysis in an effort to focus on establishing vocal communication. For many children who may have a difficult time establishing vocal communication, our team is trained in a variety of forms of communication from American Sign Language, to augmentative devices like iPads, to other forms of communication such as typing devices.

Communication is a key area to success for each child. As they discover their voice, problem behaviors decrease and the sky becomes the limit.

Play and Leisure Skills

Each of our children learns what it means to be a child as we establish effective and appropriate ways of playing. Whether it be playing alone or with their friends, children often learn skills they will use for the rest of their lives as they learn to play. Utilizing research based interventions, our team provides incredible opportunities to learn language and social interactions skills.

With an entire department dedicated to play research, ACI Learning Centers has become a leader in teaching the valuable skills of play and leisure fun.

Social Skills

Often times children on the autism spectrum have a difficult time interacting with others, making friends and establishing life-long relationships. Many of the skills required to be effective in this area are difficult to teach and take practice. ACI Learning Centers provides an immense level of support and programming designed to teach social skills that have a life-long effect for each child. From making eye contact with others around them, to having a conversation, to establishing true friendships, our team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts provide constant opportunities to improve and learn new social skills. 

Establishing effective social skills for each of our children opens the door to so many new skills that each child will use throughout the rest of their life.

Activities of Daily Living

Learning to be independent and taking care of ourselves is a crucial life skill we all learn at an early age. For our children that have a difficult time getting dressed, brushing their teeth, keeping up with personal hygiene, or maintaining effective self-care skills, ACI is here to help. Utilizing the principles of ABA our team breaks down complex skills to individual steps and focuses on teaching smaller steps along the way.

This process allows a child to develop fluency in daily living skills such as tying their own shoes and establishes confidence in taking care of themselves. 

Parent Training

A crucial component of effective ABA therapy is getting the skills taught in one location with one person to occur in a variety of locations with others. Parents learn skills such as how to establish and maintain effective communication skills, handling problem behavior while at the grocery store, to teaching a child to interact with siblings and friends. Our expert team of BCBAs and BCaBAs teach parents to use a variety of ABA tools such as reinforcement, prompting, shaping, and differential reinforcement to continue to help their children learn new skills.

Parent training allows us to teach the skills of effective ABA therapy to parents and caregivers so that the learning never stops.

Challenging Behavior

One of the biggest barriers and challenges our families face on a daily basis is problem behavior. From aggression to non-compliance, and self-injurious behavior to repetitive behavior patterns such as walking in circles or hand-flapping, reducing and replacing these behaviors is a key area of focus for our team of BCBAs. We understand how difficult it can be to deal with these behaviors and our team focuses on evidence based interventions that help establish effective communication to replace these unwanted behaviors.

ACI Learning Centers works to understand the function or reason behind problem behavior and teach replacement skills so that these challenges do not limit a child’s ability to be successful in all walks of life.

The mission of ACI is to create a learning environment in which children on the autism spectrum or with developmental disabilities can grow to become productive members of society.

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